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Everyone wants to be part of a work environment that’s inclusive, where everyone is treated and paid fairly and the company has core values and beliefs that align with their employees’. To be an agent of good change in the office, there are a few bold moves to make that can spark conversation and an overall better work environment in the future.


Advocate and act

In becoming a leader in the office, employees often have the choice between continuing with how work has always been completed and choosing a different way. In performance reviews and talent discussions, be the voice that brings up employees who have worked tirelessly within the company. Recommend and back others who have no other advocates in the room to get them better positions and elevated positions of authority.

Be intentional and purposeful in who is hired and promoted. Be aware of the number of women and people of color entering the company and high positions. Keep talented individuals in mind always and continually work to bring diversity higher up the hierarchy.


Recognize diversity and inequity

Utilizing a leadership position means understanding pay inequity and discussing with higher ups and pay managers how financial gains and rewards are distributed to employees. Talk with women in the office concerning pay inequity and begin groups of similar individuals with likeminded ideas and backgrounds to prompt bold and impactful change.

By sparking discussions concerning a lack of diversity, pay inequity and inclusive leadership, more employees will carry the mantle and encourage widespread improvement in the company from the ground up.


Raise and develop others and self

When being promoted, it’s essential to develop the self by attending as much training and gaining as much knowledge as possible to better serve the position. Elevate others in the office as much as possible and encourage others to educate themselves. No matter the position in the hierarchy, always remember to talk with those from every level of the company on their feedback and wishes for growth.



With self-improvement and awareness along with an attention to diversity and inequity in the office, a leaders can bring about motivational and concrete change in their company.