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John Rosata


about john rosata

John Rosata is well-known for his exceptional abilities in the field of real estate, particularly real estate economics. His understanding of the business and his expertise with commercial mortgages are extensive, and he has a well-deserved reputation as the finest at what he does. 

John is regarded as a specialist in the fields of asset management, capital markets, company growth, and commercial financing. John is also involved in a number of company development projects aimed at generating affordable homes, a topic he feels passionate about. 

John Rosata is the President of Capital Strategies Advisory Group (CSTRAT). This firm, founded over two decades ago, has earned its stellar reputation for providing top-level executives in a variety of industries, from mid-level management positions to senior-level executives. One of the many reasons that John and his team soar above their competition is the way they dominate the market in delivering management and advisory services in exclusive areas. CSTRAT is currently one of the few companies in the country that focuses entirely on the full-time search and recruiting in the Commercial Real Estate Funding and Commercial Financing industries. John’s years of knowledge and experience have led to his deep understanding of these industries and the fact that each client has a unique set of skill requirements. CSTRAT looks at the human side of commercial lending and finance and matches the candidates who will best serve a company’s culture as well as the bottom line. 

John and his team have been repeatedly recognized for their individualized attention to each client, but the secret ingredient is undoubtedly John Rosata. He has built strong connections throughout his impressive career and has an unparalleled understanding of the industries he services. His dedication to servicing his clientele is what makes him the industry leader in his field. His search and recruiting specialists have successfully discovered and recruited the most commercial mortgage and real estate finance specialists than any other company in the country over the previous four years, with a 96 percent success rate. 

John Rosata is known for his extraordinary talents in the real estate realm, specifically real estate economics. His industry knowledge and experience with commercial mortgages are substantial, and he has earned himself a well-deserved reputation for being the best at what he does. John is considered a qualified expert in asset management, capital markets, business development, and commercial lending. John is also highly active in many business development programs to create affordable housing.  

John considers himself blessed to be working in an industry that is such a perfect fit for him. He stumbled upon his initial role by accident, working for another firm. He realized he wanted to do this for himself. Once he founded Capital Strategy Advisory Group, he never looked back. 

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