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To build a long-lasting, successful company, it is essential to create a powerful sales team. Although many companies tout the importance of their sales organization, few acknowledge that revenue operations are an equally important component for success.

If you need some balance in your business, it may be time to learn the difference between RevOps and SalesOps.

What Is Sales Operations?

Sales operations encompass every aspect of how a company moves customers through its sales funnel. For companies in the early stages of building their business, Sales Operations include everything from cold-calling prospects to onboarding new clients once a sale is closed.

SalesOps relies heavily on marketing, and it may include tactics such as social media campaigns with specific goals.

What Is Revenue Operations?

Revenue operations are the inbound sales team that works to turn leads into engaged customers and increase value throughout a company’s customer lifecycle. These teams may include everything from call center agents to inside sales, account executives, and even support staff if there are questions about product performance after the sale has been made.

These teams are responsible for retaining customers and ensuring that clients are using the product properly.

How Revenue Operations Teams Help Increase Growth

Revenue Operations uses many of the same tactics as marketing to help sustainably grow a business. A strong RevOps team will strive to understand their company’s pitch and how they can help clients reach their goals.

This may include anything from directing interested customers to a relevant blog post or webinar to sending beneficial white papers for review before an in-person meeting with a sales rep. These teams can be essential for new client acquisition and quickly move to the top of a company’s sales funnel.

Why You Need Both Sales and Revenue Operations

Bringing in new sales leads is only the first step to an effective revenue strategy. 

Without a dedicated team of RevOps professionals, it won’t be easy to move qualified leads through the customer lifecycle in a way that encourages loyalty. If you’re looking for a way to increase growth while building stronger relationships with your customers, RevOps may be the right solution for you.

No matter what stage a business is in, it’s important to keep revenue and sales operations top of mind when making strategic decisions.