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The financial industry is always changing, and 2022 will be no exception. There are several factors that will contribute to the changes in this decade. Some of these factors are digitalization, decentralization, and user-centricity. These three factors are all expected to change the industry in major ways.

This year was characterized by a lot of changes in the stock market. This market volatility made it harder for companies to sustain their businesses during difficult times. With 2022 looking to be much smoother, various industries will see a lot of changes. They will see more emphasis on digitization and decentralized practices as well as user-centric practices to aid them in their day-to-day activities.

Here are three other possible changes entrepreneurs can expect in 2022 based on what is happening this year.


Higher Tax Brackets

Inflation rates in the United States have been increasing over the past few years. This phenomenon has led to a higher tax bracket, which is expected to lead to larger tax increases in 2022.

The introduction of inflation-adjusted items such as taxes and interest rates will likely increase the effective tax rates for businesses and households.

Businesses will see an increase in effective tax rates because they will not be able to use inflation-adjusted deductions such as interest to lower their taxable income. Households will also see an increase in their effective tax rate, but it is likely due to the introduction of the effective tax


A Rise in Capital Gains

The proposal by House Democrats would raise the capital gains tax to 28.8% in 2022 for single filers who make over $400,000.

Entrepreneurs will need to create new asset consolidation strategies.


What’s at stake?

In terms of money, consolidating assets means lower cost to invest, higher ROI, and better risk management. In terms of time, it means high-speed execution with less effort.

An asset consolidation strategy is not just about combining one business with another but about looking at the overall business and getting a more complete view of its strengths and weaknesses in order to see what actions can be taken for improvement.



Entrepreneurs who can get a better grasp of upcoming changes in 2022 will be able to increase profitability, speed up decision-making processes, and reduce risk. Understanding trends can also help executives make better use of their resources when it comes time to make strategic investments or sell-off.